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The Drivel of A Spitewhore...

Because you've little else to do.

Summer Day
20 March
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i'm climbing up on the railing
trying not to look down
i'm going to do my best swan dive
into shark-infested waters
and i'm gonna pull out my tampon
and start splashing around

'cuz i don't care if they eat me alive
i've got better thing to do than survive.
There's an art to the laughter
there's a science!
and there's a lot of love and compliance.
-Ani Difranco


"I love myself. I want you to love me. When I feel down, I want you above me. I search myself . . . I want you to find me. I forget myself; I want you to remind me. I don't want anybody else. When I think about you, I touch myself. You're the one who makes me come running. You're the sun that makes me shine. When you're around, I'm always laughing. I want to make you mine. I close my eyes, and I see you before me. I think I would die if you were to ignore me. If you could see just how much I adore you . . . I'd get down on my knees, I'd do anything for you." - The Divinyls

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